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How Farris & Thomas Law Protects Your Rights As An Injured Employee

Our attorneys are dedicated to our neighbors and use the law as a way to build a better community. When we hear that our fellow North Carolinians are struggling after a work-related injury and that their employers are denying them the support needed to recover, our firm stands strong by our neighbors and advocates for their needs.

Our founders formed Farris & Thomas Law in 1962, over 50 years ago. Since then, we have gained a reputation for friendly, approachable service and responsive staff. You do not have to challenge your employer alone. Call our office at 252-787-4463 and ask how we can help you.

When Is Your Employer Responsible For Your Injuries?

Most people who come to our office after a workplace injury are unsure about if they have a claim. If they do, they are concerned about how to pursue their compensation and if claiming it will affect their future job prospects. Here is what you should know about the law:

  • If you are injured at work in the course of your job duties, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation support.
  • Workers’ compensation and injury support can provide for your medical bills, time away from work and other expenses.
  • Your employer does not have to break a law or violate a regulation for you to claim this support.
  • If you pursue compensation, your employer cannot hold that claim against you in the future.

Workers’ compensation is a necessary worker protection. It exists to keep you safe and to help your employer do the right thing when you are injured at work.

Working With Our Firm

Our attorneys have over 300 years of experience between them, and we can help you find out if you are eligible for a workers’ compensation settlement and help ensure your settlement is as comprehensive as possible. Let us get started on your case.