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What Will You Do When Accused Of A Crime?

A charge or conviction of a serious crime will often affect the offender and have lasting ramifications on family members. At Farris & Thomas Law in Wilson, North Carolina, our criminal defense attorneys aggressively represent clients charged with a variety of serious criminal matters.

Having former judges and district attorneys on our staff provides us with intimate knowledge of the legal process in North Carolina. We impart that understanding to our clients facing a criminal conviction and apply it diligently to their defense strategy. At Farris & Thomas Law, we take a team-oriented approach and bring all of our lawyers’ strengths and unique backgrounds to consult on your case and benefit you.

Clients charged with crack, cocaine, and marijuana possession or distribution can have their crimes elevated to felonies if their alleged criminal actions were claimed by law enforcement to have been committed in both North Carolina and a neighboring state. Our attorneys will look at the probable cause for search and seizure. Reliability and credibility of confidential informants will be put to the test. Your freedom is in jeopardy and your rights are at stake.

White Collar Crimes

While white collar crimes do not usually involve violence or drug use, the sentences can be just as severe. Identity theft is increasing, and many executives continue to embezzle from their company to line their pockets. Those crimes are considered more severe nowadays than previously, and offenders are being sentenced accordingly.

Access To A Reliable North Carolina Defense Team

Whether your crime involved drug possession, a violent act or DUI charges or resulted in death, you need legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected. You have a right to zealous defense whenever any evidence exists that you are not guilty. Our attorneys stand ready to provide it for you, bringing years of experience and knowledge to the task.

We also have experience helping clients with expungements, enabling them to eliminate certain criminal records.

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