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Protecting Your Future After DUI/DWI Charges

DUI/DWI laws are ever changing and always stringent. At Farris & Thomas Law in Wilson, North Carolina, we recognize the challenges in defending a DUI/DWI case, but are more than up to that challenge in defending you.

Breathalyzer tests hold more weight with judges if they register at 0.08 or higher in spite of their known shortcomings and errors. The gap between how juvenile DWI’s are treated as opposed to adult DWIs is starting to close as well. With strong DUI/DWI laws comes the need for a stronger defense, which you can rest assured you will receive from an attorney at Farris & Thomas Law if you are arrested.

Highly Experienced With DUI/DWI Matters

Lawyers at our firm have handled thousands of DUI/DWI cases. A drunk driving charge does not mean a drunk driving conviction will automatically follow. There are various steps in the process that can be challenged. If your rights are violated, a criminal defense attorney from our firm will seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you.

We will look at the probable cause for the traffic stop. The procedures regarding how the breathalyzer was used and field sobriety tests were conducted will also be put under our legal microscope. Law enforcement officials more often than not seek to fully comply with the law and not adversely impinge on your rights. If they fall short in this duty, though, for any reason, you need aggressive and knowledgeable representation to hold them accountable.

With three former district attorneys on staff, our firm possesses a firsthand, in-depth knowledge of how the prosecution handles DUI/DWI cases. That is an advantage few law firms can provide. A DUI/DWI conviction can affect your ability to drive, work or even pay for affordable insurance rates. Do not let the new and much stricter laws, or a forceful prosecutor, force you into pleading guilty simply to make your matter go away. Both the short-term and long-term consequences of doing so can be severe.

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