Deals Gap isn’t the only hazardous roadway in North Carolina

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Deals Gap (the Dragon or Tail of the Dragon) is a two-lane roadway along the North Carolina-Tennessee border. Internationally, this mountain pass is infamous for its hundreds of twists, curves and bends and is not for faint-of-heart motorists.

However, it is not the only state roadway hazardous to drivers and passengers. Several roads and intersections here in Wilson are also known for motor vehicle accidents.

Practice caution on these roadways

Between 2015 and 2019, Wilson saw several hundred motor vehicle accidents at certain intersections, according to a local news source. Here are some examples in order of most-to-least vehicle accidents:

  • Raleigh Road Parkway and Walmart service road saw 112 crashes
  • Forest Hills Road’s (south of Westwood Avenue) speedway exits saw 90 crashes
  • Nash Street and Beland Avenue near Pelican’s SnoBalls saw 88 crashes
  • Williams Street Southeast and Herring Avenue at the Community College entrance saw 71 crashes
  • Tarboro Street and Forest Hills Drive saw 69 crashes
  • Ward Boulevard and Scythia Street saw 68 crashes
  • Ward Boulevard at 540 Ward saw 57 crashes

The news story highlighted many other local roads and intersections with a history of motor vehicle accidents leading to injury and death.

Several factors contribute to these accidents

A local law enforcement officer cites factors like speeding and distracted driving as top causes of accidents at intersections. Typical types of crashes include rear-end collisions and accidents while making a turn. The officer also indicated that intersections with stop signs (rather than traffic lights) experience a high volume of motor vehicle accidents.

Be cautious on these roads to enhance your overall safety. If you do suffer injuries in a crash, consider learning more about car accident claims and your options to obtain compensation.