How do lane change accidents happen

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Many of the roads around WIlson, North Carolina consist of two or more lanes. This helps prevent congestion and ensure that traffic flows freely. 

With that being said, roads with multiple lanes present unique hazards, particularly with regard to lane changes. Lane changing accidents can result in serious injuries. What are some of the most common causes of lane change accidents? 

When drivers don’t check mirrors 

During driving lessons, it’s highly likely that the instructor stresses the importance of correct mirror usage. This occurs for many reasons, but it is particularly important for lane changes. All vehicles have blind spots, particularly to the passenger’s side and the rear of the vehicle. 

Mirrors help to uncover the areas around the vehicle where the driver’s view is most restricted. On first glance, the driver may not see a hazard to the side of them or to the rear, which is why mirrors should be checked multiple times before changing lanes. Changing lanes without first checking the mirrors carefully can result in a crash. 

Failing to signal 

As well as mirrors, drivers also have signal lights that show which direction they intend to turn. Signal lights should always be used before changing lanes. This gives drivers in the vicinity a warning that a lane changing is coming, and they can slow down accordingly if necessary. 

These are just two of the most common causes of lane change accidents. If you were injured by someone who failed to check their mirrors or signal before changing lanes, you may be able to hold them to account for their negligence. Personal injury compensation can help cover your medical bills, vehicle damage and other expenses.