Are cyclists to blame when hit by a car?

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When a driver hits a cyclist, the two may dispute who was to blame for their crash. While every case is unique, naturally, one does wonder just how often the fault lies with the driver and how often it lies with the cyclist.

What do the statistics tell us? 

Drivers are to blame more than cyclists, but both can be at fault

It is possible for either one to be at fault, but studies have found that the fault more often lies with the driver. Statistically speaking, that’s where to look after a crash to find out why it happened. 

That said, the gap is a bit hard to define. One study claimed drivers were at fault 83.5% of the time. Another said it was just 51%. Still another study claimed cyclists caused more accidents than drivers. Much of the truth may depend on where — and how — the accidents happen. 

For cyclists, one of the biggest issues that can cause an accident is not following the rules of the road. A cyclist who rides on the sidewalk may feel safer than in the bike lane, for instance, but they are more likely to be hit at an intersection.

For drivers, the biggest issue leading to a wreck is not seeing the cyclists around them at all. Drivers often focus on other cars and only expect motorized traffic. Many accidents occur because they don’t see bikes in their blind spots, don’t realize they’re crossing through bike lanes or make other such errors. 

Have you been injured in a wreck while riding your bike?

Are you a cyclist who has been hit by an inattentive driver and seriously injured? If so, you need to know how to seek financial compensation. An experienced advocate can help make sure that your interests are protected.