How many North Carolina drivers don’t have insurance?

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Driving a motor vehicle is quite expensive. Just buying a vehicle is quite costly, and people also have to pay to register and ensure the vehicle. Those secondary expenses help limit the likelihood of a financially devastating car crash.

Drivers who have had to take educational courses can avoid mistakes that could cause preventable collisions. Additionally, the insurance that they carry can help cover the costs generated in a crash where they are at fault.

Every driver in North Carolina should have a baseline amount of liability coverage to pay for property damage costs and injury-related expenses after a car crash. Unfortunately, not everyone consistently follows the law. There are probably more uninsured drivers on the road and the average person realizes. When they cause crashes, other people end up paying the price.

One in 10 drivers doesn’t have insurance

Quite a few drivers are comfortable gambling every time they get behind the wheel. According to a review of insurance claims made in 2022, North Carolina has a concerning percentage of uninsured drivers. Roughly 10.3% of motorists may not have proper coverage available if they cause a crash. They can leave others scrambling to cover the costs of a wreck.

There are two main risks for those who drive without insurance. One is that they get pulled over by a police officer and don’t have proof of insurance. They may end up paying sizable fines in that case. Many people are happy to risk the possibility of a fine if they can save the hundreds of dollars they have to pay for insurance coverage each year.

Unfortunately, those drivers may not have fully considered the second risk of driving without insurance. They could cause a crash that puts someone else in the hospital or totals a brand-new imported vehicle. They could then be personally financially responsible for the financial setbacks experienced by the other parties involved.

Typically, those without insurance are at risk of personal injury lawsuits when they are to blame for collisions. People who incur serious physical injuries may need to take legal action as a means of recouping their lost income and ongoing medical expenses.

A personal injury lawsuit is often the best form of recourse available to those harmed by uninsured drivers. Although many people do invest in uninsured driver coverage, the claim against one’s own policy could lead to a significant increase in someone’s premium prices.

Holding an uninsured driver accountable for causing a car wreck is often a better option than using a personal insurance policy to cover collision costs. Those who understand their rights when they’ve been harmed by another party are usually in a strong position to assert themselves if they ever experience a significant crash.