Drivers often overlook an obvious warning sign of distraction

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A crash could put someone in the hospital or worse. Anyone in traffic should make a point of avoiding known safety risks for their own protection. In fact, traffic safety is about more than just knowing the rules. Motorists don’t just need to make safe decisions about their own conduct. They also have to monitor traffic conditions. That process requires cultivating an awareness of what other drivers do on the road and avoiding those clearly engaged in unsafe behaviors. For example, watching for distracted drivers can decrease someone’s likelihood of experiencing a severe collision caused by someone not paying attention to road conditions.

Oftentimes, those watching for distracted drivers specifically look for signs that someone may have a phone in their hands. They look for visible devices, faces pointed down at laps or a telltale blue light late at night. However, there is another form of distraction that is quite common in traffic that people might fail to look for while driving.

Parents with children often become distracted

Minivans packed full of children may seem like relatively safe vehicles. After all, parents usually try to prioritize safety because they want their children to reach their destination safely. Unfortunately, the children in the vehicle can be a major source of distraction.

Many parents end up reaching for items, such as toys that a child has thrown into the front seat, while driving with their children. Others may end up arguing with their children or trying to make eye contact with them to talk with them about something important. Changing the radio station, opening or closing the windows for children and many other minor tasks can take someone’s focus away from safely operating their motor vehicle when their children are present.

Children are far from the only detectable source of distraction in a vehicle. Drivers should also treat those eating or drinking at the wheel as distracted drivers for their own safety. Those who understand what causes distracted driving might be in a better position to avoid distraction themselves and give dangerous drivers more space on the road.