What is distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car accidents happen for many reasons. Many crashes are caused by drunk driving and speeding. Some accidents are caused because of medical issues or because someone was learning to drive. Many of these accidents are unique, but there’s one cause of car accidents that can happen to anyone: distractions.  

Distracted driving happens when the driver’s focus is drawn away from the road. There can be visual, cognitive or manual distractions. Here are three examples of distracted driving:

Texting and driving

Texting and driving is likely the biggest cause of distracted driving. Most people carry phones with them wherever they go, even in their cars — and they have a very hard time putting them down, no matter what the situation.

Phones can cause several distractions. For example, if a phone rings, a driver may look away from the road to see who called. They may even take a hand off the wheel to answer the phone. Even if a driver doesn’t interact with their phone, the ringing may distract a driver and make them wonder who is calling instead of focusing on what’s on the road ahead of them. 

Eating and drinking

Fast food is one of the only options for many people to get a hot meal. Perhaps someone drives for a living and the only time they get to eat is when they drive through a fast-food restaurant. Or, a driver may need a quick meal after forgetting to eat breakfast before work.

Drivers could end up distracted while driving when they eat or drink. Fast food is often wrapped in layers of packaging, which may require both hands to open. Then, a driver will likely need to continuously keep one hand off the wheel to eat, which can make it harder for them to control their vehicle. 

Distracted driving can happen anywhere at any time. While you may not drive while distracted, other drivers may not know the risks. If you’ve suffered from injuries after an accident, you may need to know what legal actions you can take to get compensated.