3 fresh safety tips to help motorcyclists avoid an accident

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You probably know the drill by now. Always make yourself visible to other drivers when operating your motorcycle because it can reduce your accident risks. These sage words are forever applicable, but there are additional ways you can (and should) improve your traffic safety.

Despite the potentially catastrophic injuries that are possible in a motorcycle accident, most bike enthusiasts will continue to ride. Since parking your bike is off the table, you must do everything possible to enhance your safety on North Carolina roads.

1. Test your gear

You can spend thousands on pricey riding accessories like leather pants, gloves and boots, but can you be sure they will function as needed in an emergency? Always test new gear before you make an expensive purchase. Try it on to check for pinch points and other issues that could obstruct body movement. Overly constrictive gear can hinder your ability to act quickly in a crisis.

2. Practice your calm

Motorcycle riders always benefit from keeping calm in tense circumstances, like sharing the road with careless motorists. Instead of allowing poor driving behavior to make you angry, practice your composure. Maintaining calm enables you to act wisely rather than emotionally in the face of possible danger.

3. Mind your crowd

You could be the safest motorcycle operator in the world, but it might not protect you if your riding partners like to show off or ride aggressively. It may be best to stay away from reckless operators. Instead, choose fellow riders who care about safety to avoid these preventable motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can leave you with life-changing injuries. Don’t hesitate to protect your right to restitution under North Carolina accident and injury compensation laws.