Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents

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Operating a motor vehicle safely requires the driver’s total awareness of the road and his surroundings. When distractions like eating, answering or making a call or texting cause a driver to take their attention off the road, the consequences can be devastating.

Distracted driving is one of the major causes of accidents in the U.S. Basically, distracted driving means that the motorist is operating a vehicle while their attention is elsewhere. This can take the form of answering a call, checking directions on the GPS devise or attending to kids in the backseat. 

Driver actions that may amount to distracted driving

A number of actions can take the driver’s attention and focus off the road. Here are the most common ones:

  • Operating a mobile phone while driving
  • Grooming one’s self
  • Changing the CD or adjusting the car radio
  • Checking directions on the map or GPS device
  • Having a conversation or argument with other occupants

So how do you prevent distraction while driving?

States throughout the US have begun taking action on distraction driving by putting in place penalties for drivers who fail to focus on the road. Even so, here are practical steps you can take to prevent distraction while behind the wheels:

Plan your journey ahead

Take a moment before hitting the road to set your GPS system or radio. This will eliminate the need or temptation to perform these tasks while driving. 

Set your phone on flight mode

The only time you can legally, and safely, use your cellphone while driving is when you have stopped and pulled over from the road. It is important that you limit your cellphone use as much as you can while driving. And one of the smartest ways you can realize this is by muting the ring volume or setting it on flight mode during your trip. 

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