How inattentional blindness threatens the safety of motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There is a considerable size and weight discrepancy between four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. The result of this is that if an accident occurs, it is usually the motorcyclist who fares worse.

Road users often claim that they simply never saw the rider before they crashed into them. As motorcycles are narrower in stature, it is true that they are more difficult to spot. However, the root causes of collisions are not always this simple.

There is a phenomenon referred to as “inattentional blindness” that is thought to be at the heart of many motorcycle crashes. Outlined below is a brief explanation as to what inattentional blindness is and how it poses such a danger to motorcyclists.

Defining inattentional blindness

The perceptual system of human beings is extremely complex. It is not always as simple as seeing something in front of you. The brain filters through potential hazards subconsciously in a matter of milliseconds. While this system is extremely functional, it is not always perfect. Sometimes, the visual system of drivers fails to register motorcycles as a valid hazard, which can lead to devastating collisions.

What can be done about inattentional blindness?

It is extremely beneficial for motorcycles to make themselves as visible as possible. Even the glistening of a reflective strip can catch the attention of a road user before a collision commences. Motorcyclists should also take a defensive approach and never assume that a driver has seen them. Much of the responsibility also lands on the operators of four-wheeled motors. It is important to exercise patience and caution when sharing the road with motorcycles.

No matter how safely you ride in North Carolina, you cannot control everything. If the actions of another road user have caused you physical harm, make sure you examine your legal options.