3 ways to prepare your vehicle for journeys in the fall 

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Although the roads in and around Wilson, North Carolina, can be hazardous during the summer, there are unique challenges to drivers that come with the fall season. With a drop in temperature and hours of daylight, road users face a significant number of potential risks. 

Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the chances of an accident in the fall. One important factor to consider is checking your vehicle before setting off. Outlined below are three ways to prepare your vehicle for journeys in the fall. 

Ensure your windshield wipers are working

Throughout the summer, you may not have had to utilize your windshield wipers. This could result in a belief that they are still working effectively because they have not been used. However, constant exposure to the sun can cause windshield wipers to crack. It may be beneficial to replace windshield wipers as the colder months approach. Additionally, this offers an ideal opportunity to check that your windshield has no cracks that could worsen or impair your vision. 

Check your oil levels

Maintaining optimum oil levels can both reduce the risk of an accident and the possibility of breaking down at the side of the road. Many modern vehicles only allow you to do this via the inbuilt computer system, so it is important to gain a sound knowledge of this. If your vehicle is an older model, you can typically check oil levels manually with a dipstick. 

Examine your headlights and signals

Headlights and signals are vital as the days shorten during fall because they allow other road users to see you. It may be best practice to check your headlights and signals each time before embarking on your journey. The greater the potential that another vehicle sees you, the less likely that a road traffic accident will occur. 

Preparing your vehicle for Fall driving could reduce the chances of a collision. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident in North Carolina, there may be legal options available to you.