How should you dress as a passenger on a motorcycle?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you recently started dating a motorcyclist, they may invite you to hop on the back and ride out for the day. While dressing right is crucial for any romantic encounter, it is even more so when a bike is involved.

You need to think about two things: how your clothing will protect you when riding and how it will protect you if you come off. How you look standing next to the bike is less important.

Motorcycle clothing must keep you warm and dry on long rides

Traveling at speed can create a significant wind chill, even in summer. If your core temperature drops after a rain shower, it will affect your ability to hold on and lean when you are meant to. The longer the journey, the more critical it is to have warm clothing and rain gear.

Protective clothing can help reduce motorcycle crash injuries

There are some crashes that all the protective clothing in the world cannot save you from. Yet many pillion passengers suffer unnecessary injury because they do not have the same gear the rider in charge has. Here are some things to consider:

  • A helmet: This is a legal requirement in North Carolina for a good reason. Your head contains your brain, and you need to do all you can to protect it.
  • Gloves: Scraping the skin off your digits will make it harder to put that engagement ring on, let alone return to work.
  • Boots: You do not need a specialist pair of motorcycling boots. Yet you want something that will stay on in a crash, won’t disintegrate and will protect your ankles if the bike falls on top of them.
  • Protective trousers and jacket: Wearing animal skin may save your own. Bikers choose leather for its toughness, as well as how it looks. There are synthetic alternatives available if you prefer.

When it comes to motorcycling, the true sign of love is a complete set of protective clothing, not a bunch of flowers. Regardless of how experienced your beau is, a motorcycle crash can always happen, whether through their fault or someone else’s. If it does, you need to investigate all options to claim compensation.