How do you know if you should file a personal injury lawsuit?

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Whether you suffered injuries in a car accident or a slip and fall in a store, you will likely need some kind of medical care, and you may have other losses — especially if you have to be off work to heal.

When the injury occurred because of another party’s negligence, you have some critical decisions to make. Some questions you may have about your options include:

  • Should you rely solely on insurance claims for compensation?
  • Should you file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party?
  • Which option will yield the maximum in compensation?
  • Which option will cause the least emotional, physical and financial distress?

Injury lawsuits can be complicated, stressful and time-consuming, but they can also put enough funds in your control to cover your medical bills and replace your lost income, among other things. While not appropriate for every situation, pressing a claim against the negligent party (or their insurer) can be the wisest decision for many.

When should you consider an injury lawsuit?

If you are still unsure or wonder if your injury warrants legal action, the example scenarios below can help you decide your next steps. It is worth noting that an experienced attorney can also help you determine how best to move forward. Here are a few reasons that may make it more important than ever to consider legal action after an injury:

  • You cannot work or earn enough money to live on, a lawsuit may help you face your financial challenges.
  • Your injuries have a lasting effect on your quality of life, the funds you acquire in a lawsuit can help you find an appropriate solution.
  • The incident caused a disability or significantly altered your life, and the liable party’s insurer isn’t playing fair.

Wilson, North Carolina, victims have three years in which to file a lawsuit for negligence-involved injuries. However, it is wise to move as quickly as possible when seeking compensation. Speaking with an experienced attorney as soon as possible is your best option.