Parents may be more distracted than texters behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Texting and driving is clearly a very dangerous habit. Many accidents happen every year, putting people in the hospital, driving up insurance costs and taking lives. As a result, texting and driving has gotten a reputation as the most common and dangerous distraction.

However, some reports indicate that there may actually be another group of people facing even greater distraction: Parents who have children in their cars.

Eyes-off-the-road moments plague parents

The issue is that children create numerous “eyes-off-the-road moments” for parents. Adults’ natural instincts kick in and they respond to their children, even when they know they should be watching the road. Some examples of how children do this include:

  • Asking for snacks and drinks
  • Crying when they’re sick of being in the car
  • Dropping toys on the floor of the car and asking for them back
  • Demanding to watch shows on a phone or tablet
  • Fighting and arguing with one another

Texting distractions often relate to things that people want to do. They want to communicate with their friends or check social media. With parents, it’s not that they want to do any of this. They just feel like they have to in order to get the children to calm down and be happy. Any parent knows just how hard this task can be, even on short drives, and so there are many distractions that they face. 

Distractions cause accidents: Know what to do if you’re in a crash

You know that these distractions cause accidents, but do you know what to do if a distracted driver hits your car? You may have a right to seek financial compensation to cover all of your costs, such as medical bills or lost wages.