Work zone hazards in the spring pose a real threat to drivers and workers

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The winter has a potential to damage the roads, and even though North Carolina doesn’t see the kind of ice and snow other northern states would, potholes and other damage still have to be repaired. Unfortunately, that does mean that spring is often the start of construction season.

Construction poses several issues. First, construction blocks roadways and makes traffic slow down or find alternative routes. Second, it may eliminate basic road markings while a roadway is being repaired. Third, workers in or around the roadway, as well as their machinery, could cause crashes or be involved in crashes with the vehicles around them.

Construction zones are hazardous for everyone

There is no question that construction zones are hazardous for everyone who goes through them. Workers are at a greater risk of being hit by drivers who aren’t paying attention or who are traveling too quickly. Drivers are at risk of crashing because of distractions, speeding or misreading new signage. For those reasons, it’s important for drivers to be aware of how to stay safer in construction zones.

What should you do to minimize the risk of a crash in a construction zone?

To minimize the risk of crashing in a construction zone, drivers should:

  • Look for and follow the instructions of flaggers. They may attempt to slow or stop traffic, or they could be trying to push you into a different lane. Pay attention to their requests and follow through as soon as possible.
  • Avoid getting distracted. With so many cones and signs around, not getting distracted is tough. However, you have to focus on the road ahead of you to avoid a collision.
  • Merge as soon as possible when requested. If you see a sign that says to move over, do so as soon as possible rather than waiting until the last minute.
  • Don’t make the assumption that workers aren’t present. Even if the area looks clear, a few workers could be on site and put at risk if you speed or get too close.

These are some of the ways to reduce the risk of a crash in a work zone. Be cautious so that you and other drivers and workers will stay safer.