Defensive driving could save your life

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You have probably heard of defensive driving, but do you know what it means? There are many courses around the country that can teach you these skills. However, you can quickly learn and implement the ideas yourself:

  • Assume others will drive badly: Placing your faith in another driver’s actions will only lead to disappointment and possible injury. If there is an option to do something stupid while driving, such as running a red light or pulling out of a parking space without checking their mirrors, assume someone will do it.
  • Concentrate: You need to maintain a laser-like focus on the road and everything around you. Every little drop in concentration increases the chance you could fail to spot someone else’s error.
  • Slow down: The faster you go, the more damaging the consequences of any collision. Reducing your speed allows you more time to spot a potential accident and brake or maneuver out the way. It will also save you fuel, wear on brake pads and tires.
  • Allow yourself space: Leave sufficient space between you and the car in front to allow you to brake safely. Equally, when you overtake, leave plenty of room before you pull back in.
  • Belt up: Seat belts significantly increase your chance of surviving a crash.
  • Relax: Yes, that car may have had no right to cut in. Yes, that driver might be half asleep, but screaming out the window at them, flashing your lights or thumping on your horn is not going to change what happened. All it will do is enrage you and reduce your concentration on the road and the ability to make safe decisions.

There will always be other drivers who drive carelessly. If a negligent driver causes you to crash, seek legal help to understand how you can claim compensation.