Avoid these three common mistakes after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

America has car accident insurance laws to help ensure that those injured in a crash can pay for necessary medical care and replace damaged property. Unfortunately, some victims end up with an insurance settlement that fails to address their needs.

The first thing to understand is that auto insurance is big business. Insurers would prefer to keep their money and may deny your claim.

The next thing to understand is that you could inadvertently do something that gives insurers a reason to reject your claim. Let’s look at a few examples.

Mistake: Not getting medical treatment

Perhaps you feel okay after the crash and believe you don’t need medical care. But what if you develop symptoms later? Brain injuries are notorious for showing few signs for days or sometimes weeks after the injury.

Another reason to get an assessment is to obtain medical evidence proving your injuries. You will need this to recover compensation for the injury portion of your claim.

Mistake: Giving recorded or written statements

You will probably need to deal with the insurance company responsible for paying your claim at some point. Avoid giving them unnecessary information, and politely decline if they ask for a written or recorded statement.

Insurance providers know the law and how to use a victim’s words or statements to help them avoid paying a fair settlement. Limit communications with insurers or have a legal representative deal with them instead.

Mistake: Not understanding the law

Many people believe that car accident compensation laws are the same everywhere, but that is not so. For example, North Carolina has no damage caps or limits in car accident cases. Without state-specific legal information, you could get less than you really deserve, especially if your injuries are severe.

Legal guidance can help ensure that you understand car accident laws and help you use them to get an accident settlement that addresses all your losses.