Truck accident claims: When driver fatigue is to blame

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many things can go wrong when a truck driver is tired behind the wheel. They may doze off while driving, veer into other motorists, or fail to react to an emergency on time, leading to a crash.

It is why there are laws that regulate the hours that truck drivers are supposed to drive before resting or taking a break. Unfortunately, not all drivers or trucking companies abide by them, and accidents involving fatigued truck drivers are commonplace.

How can you prove the truck driver was fatigued?

If you suspect driver fatigue led to your accident, there are several ways you can show this. For instance, a police report of the accident may include the driver’s physical state at the time of the accident. The police are trained to look for signs of fatigue which could mean the driver was on the road for long hours without rest.

The truck’s logbook can also provide valuable information. It can show how long the trucker has been on the road. Altered or unavailable truck log data may be an attempt to hide crucial evidence pointing to fatigue.

Who is responsible when a trucker falls asleep at the wheel?

The trucker or the trucking company may be held responsible for a crash caused by a fatigued driver. It all depends on the unique circumstances of each case. If a trucking company encouraged its drivers to work beyond legal limits by providing financial incentives, it could be held liable for such an accident.

It is crucial to go after the right party in your truck accident claim. Otherwise, you may not recover the full compensation you deserve for your damages. Knowing the ins and outs of truck accident claims will also help you navigate the red tape and increase the odds of a successful outcome.