Be on the lookout for drunk drivers this summer – especially around the holidays

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Summer may not officially begin until June 20 this year, but many individuals treat this season as if it starts with Memorial Day. They often do so because this is the time of the year when days get longer and schools often let out for the school year. Families often take to the road on day trips or longer vacations during the summer as well.

One of the biggest threats to motorists during this time of the year, and more specifically around holidays, are drunk drivers. In fact, data shows that another motorist dies in an alcohol-related crash every 48 minutes in this country. That equates to 37,000 annual deaths. Many of these incidents happen on holidays.

Are roads less safe on some holidays than others?

July 4th is the holiday with the highest alcohol-related crash rates. New Year’s Day follows closely behind in second place. Accident-related deaths are also high on Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Labor Day, President’s Day and Christmas.

How many more motorist deaths occur on holidays versus average days?

An estimated 130 motorists die per day on holidays compared to 25 at any other time. While drunk driving is a common reason why many of these crashes occur, safety analysts point to other issues that result in higher accident rates on some holidays versus others.

Safety analysts suggest that one of the reasons why the leading number of fatal crashes occurs on July 4th, a summer holiday, is that more motorists, particularly inexperienced teens, are on the roads. Winter crashes may be attributable to poor visibility.

You have rights if an intoxicated motorist strikes and injures you

Many motorists who are lucky enough to survive a crash with a drunk or drugged motorist end up with life-altering injuries such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury that can cause long-term cognitive and mobility issues.

North Carolina law allows injured motorists and the loved ones of those prematurely lost due to negligence to recover compensation for their injuries or wrongful death. Time is of the essence in cases such as these. An attorney can let you know about the statute of limitations that applies to yours and help you seek compensation and justice.