How much does a night in the hospital cost?

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You’ve heard stories of people facing a mountain of medical bills after spending weeks or months in the hospital. You know that medical bills are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States, and it’s no surprise when you look at those numbers. It’s clear that major injuries could cost far more to treat than you’ll ever earn in your life. 

But what if you only have to spend a short time in the hospital? Say you get injured in a car accident and you need medical treatment. It’s not necessarily a life-or-death situation, but they do want to keep you overnight for observation. What is that going to cost? 

There are many factors to consider that can contribute to the price

It is difficult to estimate the exact cause because a bigger issue is what type of injury you suffered. The cost of a night in the hospital is wildly different from one case to the next. 

That said, experts note that many people underestimate these costs. For instance, it may be as much as $7,500 if you broke your leg. Some studies have found that three days in a hospital averages a staggering $30,000

Insurance won’t always bail you out. For instance, for an ambulance ride alone, the typical cost after insurance is $450. If you don’t have insurance or have to meet a high deductible first, it could be far higher. And, again, that’s just the ride to the hospital. You may owe hundreds or thousands by the time you walk in the door, and your treatment hasn’t even started yet. 

Seeking compensation after an accident is your right

When you’ve been injured due to another driver’s mistake, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial consequences on top of your injuries. These high costs make it clear why you need to know what options you have to seek compensation