Child custody: What is birdnesting?

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Are you interested in unique child custody ideas? Maybe you have one goal as you and your spouse get divorced: You want to do everything you can to make it easier on the children. You know that moving from home to home is one of the biggest stressors they face after their parents split up.

Birdnesting offers a potential solution to that problem, as the children never move at all. Instead, the “nest” is the family home, and they always live there. Your custody arrangement, rather than telling you when the kids come live with you, tells you when it’s time for you to move in and live with them. When that time ends, you move out and your ex moves in.

The key with birdnesting is stability. In some senses, post-divorce life may not feel all that different to the kids. Yes, they do not see you and your ex at the same time, as they used to, but they still see both of you in the same home that they’ve always lived in. Their bedrooms are still their bedrooms. They still have all of their toys, they live near their friends and they go to the same school. Very little has changed.

Of course, you and your ex do have to agree to do this. You’ll need to share space in the home, since you’ll both use it, and you’ll have to find somewhere to live when you’re not in the home. For these reasons and more, birdnesting is not for everyone.

That said, you can see that child custody is fairly innovative in 2020. Make sure you consider all of the options you have.